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December 17, 2016
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Diverse Conservatory Designs

Victorian Conservatory style

Diverse Conservatory DesignsSeen as one of the best ‘period’ styles of a low cost conservatory and is consistently popular with property owners all across the UK because they add character and lots of individual style to the home.

Whist Victorian conservatories may look quaint & delicate, modern uPVC or hardwood examples are quite the opposite with lots of modern features making them ‘bang up-to-date’ when it comes to modern living needs.

Security, being an important element of any conservatory can be provided by way of multi-point locks on the window openers and doors with toughened tempered safety glass or laminated glass for those of us who need that bit of extra peace of mind.

Simple Victorian conservatories which are not too large can very often be built without the need for planning permission, check with your local authority even if you think it’s OK

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For more information about the different conservatory styles available, why not visit, you will find lots of useful information and even get free conservatory price quotations to compare.