Diverse Conservatory Designs
Diverse Conservatory Designs
December 27, 2016
Cost of uPVC French Doors
Cost of uPVC French Doors
December 27, 2016
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Low maintenance Upvc Sash Windows

It’s well understood and accepted that installing UPVC Sash windows can improve the look and value of your home, reduce the energy consumption, reduce noise, eliminate draughts and vastly improve security from burglars. But once you have installed them how do you look after them?

Double Glazing Price GuideOne of the main claims for upvc replacement windows and doors are the low maintenance requirements of these types of home improvements, but that does not mean you can “fit & forget” there are some simple steps that you can take in order to maximise the lifespan of the windows and doors that you saved up your hard earned cash for.

I suppose the most obvious first thing to do is to keep the windows clean, if you are lucky to have a good window cleaner who visits your area then ask him or her to give the frames and window sills a wipe down at the same time as they are cleaning the glass. (Bird droppings left for a long time are the worst for staining anything!). For full upvc doors, just wash them down occasionally, or as needed, with soapy water and wipe dry, this should keep them looking good for years to come.

Wear & Tear

As the seasons change from summer to winter (and vice versa) you should give the “mechanics” some attention, meaning the hinges, locks seals & handles etc. A small drop of “3 in 1” oil on the hinges will keep them running smooth and a visual check of the window and door seals is advised to see if there is any excessive wear or loose fittings. A regular victim of high wear and tear may be the door threshold seal, if it has been damaged or knocked loose by foot traffic it should be replaced or repaired in order to avoid allowing unwanted draughts into the house.

It’s also important to clean around the inside edges of the window openers because if there is a significant build-up of dirt it can create a “bridge” between the inside of the window and the outside, this bridge effect can allow water to seep into the home via capillary action.

Mastic seals on the outside of the frames (where the window or door edge meets the brickwork) can be subject to drying & cracking over the years, so a visual inspection is recommended every 12 months.

  • If the mastic seal is damaged then they can let in water around the edges of the window and door causing damp patches on the inner walls of the house.
  • Very rarely the sealed double glazed panes may develop a problem, such as the edging seal loses its integrity, this can cause condensation between the panes and excessive heat transfer.
  • If the unit was previously filled with gas clearly this will need professional attention, however this aspect may be covered under a manufacturers or installers warranty.
  • It is true that upvc windows and doors are low maintenance.

If you keep them clean and give them a yearly “MOT” then you should enjoy them for many years to come